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Mideer – Clothing Design Princess’s Fitting Room Blue

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Mideer - Clothing Design House - Princess's Fitting Room - Blue
The Princess's Fitting Room, a clothing design kit, is meticulously crafted with kids in mind, offering an immersive DIY clothing design experience that encourages imaginative expression in a delightful setting. With a curated selection to enhance practical skills and nurture a sense of style, this innovative toy provides abundant materials and detailed crafting instructions, making it perfect for enriching family bonding moments. Through the crafting journey, it not only promotes practical skills and aesthetic sensibility in children but also holds significant educational value.

Encourage your child to embrace the role of a budding fashion designer, allowing their creativity and imagination to soar! Paired with a bow and adorned with pearls, the rose-pink dress exudes a charming princess allure.

- 1 x Dress Form
- 1 x White Underdress
- 9 x Sticky Dots
- 1 x Diamond Sticker
- 5 x Rubber Bands
- 1 x Pick
- 1 x Silver Ribbon
- 2 x Blue Silk
- 3 x Blue Gauze

Age: 5 years +
Item size: 25 x 14 x 7 cm

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Weight 0.156 kg
Dimensions 24.5 × 13.8 × 7.0 cm


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