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Learning Resources – Simple Machines Activity Set

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Introduce and explore all 6 simple machines by making amazing discoveries, designing solutions for real-world problems, and conducting investigations.

Learning skills & features:
- An early introduction to STEM
- Develops key science concepts
- Ideal for solo use or for a small group activity
- Children conduct investigations and record data to find the optimum situation for each activity
- Good introduction to problem solving
- Colourful set engages primary learners in the understanding of key physics concepts

- A lever board
- Wedge
- Pulley with rope and hook
- Cart with removable wheels
- Archimedes screw
- 4 barrel weights
- 10 double-sided Activity Cards
- A comprehensive Activity Guide
- Wheel & axle
- Inclined plane
- Screw

Age: 5 Years +
Item size: 35 x 26 x 8 cm

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Weight 1.95 kg
Dimensions 34.8 × 25.9 × 7.9 cm


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