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Learning Resources – Geometric Solids with Folding Nets 8 Shapes 16pcs

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This innovative Folding Geometric Shape Set is perfect for hands-on lessons in symmetry, perimeter, area, surface area and volume.

Each 3-inch shape folds flat, allowing for illustration of a three-dimensional shape's two-dimensional properties. Edges are all rounded for safety.

A great way for students to identify, analyze, compare, and compose 3D shapes. Describe, build, and compare shapes while focusing on area, perimeter, volume, and more.

Set of 16 pieces includes:
8 transparent shapes & 8 folding shapes.
Transparent geometric shapes plus corresponding fold-up net inserts include:
- Cylinder
- Square Pyramid
- Cube
- Rectangular Prism
- Cone
- Hexagonal Prism
- Triangular Pyramid
- Triangular Prism

Age: 7 Years +
Item size: 26 x 26 x 9 cm
Item size: Shapes measure 7.6(H) cm

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Weight 0.88 kg
Dimensions 26.8 × 26.8 × 9.2 cm


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