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Edu-Toys – Science & Experiment Chemistry Kit: 40 Activities

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Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Chemistry Kit: 40 Activities
Unleash the Scientist Within with the Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Chemistry Kit!

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of chemistry, conducting fascinating experiments and exploring the secrets of matter and reactions? The Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Chemistry Kit is your portal to an immersive exploration of the captivating world of chemical science. With 40 engaging activities, you can dive into the exciting realm of chemistry in an educational and interactive way.

Experiment with safe materials and prove basic scientific laws.Discover fascinating facts about air. Make vinegar, coloured chalk and rock candy. Create a volcano, split colours and see how gases expand. See how plants grow and sweat, and use water and oil to create works of art.

The Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Chemistry Kit is more than just a kit - it's an invitation to the world of scientific discovery. Whether you dream of becoming a chemist, a researcher, or simply enjoy unraveling the secrets of chemical reactions, this kit equips you with the tools to nurture your curiosity and understanding of the captivating field of chemistry. Embark on a chemical journey of exploration and enlightenment!

- 2 x Plastic Test Tubes with Stoppers
- 1 x Test Tube Stand
- 1 x Measuring Cup
- 1 x Dropper
- 1 x Tweezers
- 1 x Funnel
- 1 x Magnifying Glass
- 1 x Safety Goggles
- Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate
- 1 x Plastic Straw
- Molding Dough
- 2 x Rubber Bands
- pH Indicator Paper (with pH Scale Chart Box
- Filter Paper
- Instruction Manual

Age: 10 Years +
Item size: 19.5 x 25 x 7 cm

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