Learning Resources – Create a Maze

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Rev up engineering and critical thinking skills! Make a maze with curvy, colourful pieces by following the designs pictured on the activity cards. Then, push hand-eye coordination to the limit as you tilt the board to guide the ball through the maze. Endless combinations of designs provide multiple levels of play.

How to play:
- Build a maze by plugging in curvy, colourful pieces into the board, following one of the many designs from the activity cards
- Guide the ball through the wobbly maze filled with obstacles designed to challenge critical thinking skills
- Use engineering know-how to tilt and guide the marble around the maze into the cup

- Maze board
- 17 x Maze pieces
- 4 x Balls (2 Red, 2 Blue)
- 10 x Double-sided multilingual activity cards
- Multilingual guide

Age: 5 Years +
Item size: 52 x 35 x 6 cm
Board size: 43 cm (Dia.)
Players: 1-4

Additional information

Weight 3350 g
Dimensions 518.0 × 351.0 × 61.0 mm


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