Gibsons – Quirk! Family Card Game

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Quirk! is the hilariously funny family card game that has YOU squawking, saving the world and breathing fire! Embrace your silly side with sounds and actions while causing a whole lot of mischief for your family and friends.

Get your best impressions at the ready to gather characters and claim your quirky title by collecting the most 'Quirks'.

Your Nan will tip over sideways with a belly full of giggles as she thrashes the rest of the family of all their Quirks... and you thought she was innocent.

Children and the elderly will slay at this game, so if you're not in either of those categories, it's time to bring your A-game, pull up those pants and start waddling around the living room like a penguin.

If a really wild game is your kind of thing, throw in a few mischief cards in to really switch up the odds of your game.

- 112 Illustrated playing cards

Age: 5 Years +
Item size: 16 x 12 x 2.5 cm
Players: 2-6
Gameplay: 15-60 minutes

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