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If you loved the Kanoodle® Game, you’ll love the Kanoodle Genius Game. This portable, solo-play activity is packed with over 200 brain-bending 2D and 3D logic puzzle game for 8 year olds and up.

Choose one of the logic puzzles from the book, set up the challenge, and place the remaining pieces to solve over 200 more mind-bending puzzles.
There are 3 levels of 2D puzzles and five levels of 3D puzzles. As the levels increase, the puzzles become progressively more difficult.

Great for screen-free play-based learning, it’s so much fun, adults will love it, too.

- 7 Puzzle pieces
- 202 Advanced puzzle challenges
- 84-Page puzzle book
- 1 Carrying case

Age: 8 Years +
Item size: 8.2 x 24 x 6.1 cm
Players: 1

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