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Kanoodle® Extreme Game has lots of mind-bending challenges. Kanoodlers can test their skills with over 300 puzzles in these formats: Traditional 2D, Traditional 3D and the new 2D puzzles that feature a sliding puzzle board. These challenges help build spatial reasoning and critical thinking skills, and area great for keeping children busy and learning through play.

To play, place the pieces as shown in the puzzle book - the challenge is deciding where and how the rest of the pieces go to complete the puzzle. Sounds easy? Not so fast! These mind-bending puzzles become more challenging as you go and will give your brain a workout.

Adults will also love this portable game that’s perfect for puzzling on the go.

- 12 puzzle pieces for 2D and 3D puzzles
- Carrying case with sliding tray feature
- 48-page, full-colour puzzle book with 303 brain-tickling puzzles

Age: 8 Years +
Item size: 12.4 x 16.2 x 3 cm
Players: 1

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 170.0 × 127.0 × 28.0 mm


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