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Sluban Building Blocks

Sluban started with big ambitions and a fresh perspective, aiming to shake up the world of building block toys. With their enthusiastic approach, they’ve been making waves, offering a wide range of themes to suit different interests.

As Sluban keeps growing and evolving, it’s adding new and exciting chapters to the history of building blocks. Each new set they release brings something fresh to the table, showing their commitment to innovation and fun. Sluban’s journey is proof that there’s always room for new ideas and creative play in the world of toys.

Sluban delivers a fantastic playing experience coupled with impressive quality. While it may not boast the decades-long legacy of other leading brands such as Lego®, Sluban has become a notable player in the building block market and has quickly gained recognition for its own merits.

One of Sluban’s standout features is its affordability. With prices approximately 60% lower than some leading competitors, Sluban provides a cost-effective option for builders seeking high-quality sets without the hefty price tag.

With its cost-effective approach, Sluban emerges as a practical alternative for those looking for diverse themes and unique designs without breaking the bank. Whether you’re exploring cityscapes, embarking on military adventures, or venturing into space, Sluban offers a unique building experience.

History Of Sluban

    Specializing in crafting building block sets akin to Lego®, Sluban prides itself on originality since its inception in 2004.

    Right from the start, Sluban has aimed to distinguish itself by creating innovative building block sets. The brand’s focus on offering children an enjoyable and imaginative play experience is evident in its unique creations.

    In 2008, Sluban made a significant move by entering the European market with its toys. This decision not only increased Sluban’s global recognition but also marked a pivotal moment in their growth journey.

    By catering to the unique tastes and interests of European consumers, Sluban diversified its product offerings and solidified its position as a leading contender in the competitive building block toy market.

    Product Range

    Sluban boasts an extensive product range with diverse themes, catering to children of all ages. From traditional city life sets to unconventional themes like military and professions, Sluban offers hours of fun for children and even adults.

    Unique Themes

    Setting itself apart from other brands, Sluban delves into unconventional themes such as military and professions, carving a niche in the building block market. Unlike Lego®, Sluban introduces sets like tanks and warships, catering to themes beyond the scope of family-friendly images. Its lineup includes Military, Police, Car Club, Girls Dream, Model Bricks, Aviation, Firefighting, Construction, and more.


    Sluban building blocks are renowned for their compatibility with major brands, offering users the flexibility to integrate them seamlessly with existing sets or use them alongside creations from other brands. This compatibility ensures that builders can expand their imaginative worlds without limitations, mixing and matching Sluban blocks with confidence.

    Special Features

    What makes Sluban unique is its meticulous attention to detail, especially in its mini figures. Unlike other brands, Sluban mini figures have moving parts that let you pose them in different ways.

    The hands can rotate in all directions, while the torso and head can tilt forwards and backwards, providing users with a wider range of creative possibilities. This special feature adds an extra layer of depth and realism to Sluban sets, setting them apart in the world of building block toys.


    Like other building block brands, Sluban has a community of fans and enthusiasts who share their creations, tips, and modifications online. This community aspect adds to the enjoyment of the hobby for many users.

    Quality & Sustainability

    Sluban prioritizes safety and quality, adhering to the CE certification, a significant European safety standard. This ensures that the blocks meet strict safety requirements, providing parents with confidence in the safety of their children’s play.

    Made from ABS Plastic, a durable and anti-wear material, they’re safe for children to play with. The colours remain vibrant over time, and the material remains stable, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

    However, there’s limited public information available specifically detailing Sluban’s sustainability efforts.


    Are Sluban Building Blocks Compatible With Other Popular Brands?

    Yes, Sluban building blocks are designed to be fully compatible with leading brands like Lego®, allowing for seamless integration and endless creative possibilities.

    Are Sluban Products Safe For Children To Play With?

    Yes, Sluban prioritizes safety and quality. Their products adhere to the CE certification, a significant European safety standard, ensuring that they meet strict safety requirements for children’s play.

    What Materials Are Sluban Building Blocks Made Of?

    Sluban building blocks are crafted from ABS Plastic, a durable and wear-resistant material known for its safety and longevity.

    Do Sluban Building Blocks Come With Special Features?

    Yes, Sluban mini-figures boast unique articulation, allowing for enhanced movement and posing options. Their hands can rotate in all directions, while the torso and head can tilt forwards and backwards, adding an extra layer of creativity to playtime.

    Are Sluban Building Block Sets Affordable Compared To Other Brands?

    Yes, Sluban sets tend to be more budget-friendly compared to some other building block brands, making them an attractive option for cost-conscious consumers.

    Are Sluban Building Block Sets Suitable For Educational Purposes?

    Yes, Sluban building block sets can be used for educational purposes, helping children develop essential skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and fine motor skills through hands-on play.

    Are Sluban Building Block Sets Suitable For Children Of All Ages?

    Yes, Sluban offers a wide range of building block sets suitable for different age groups,  from toddlers to adults, covering various themes and interests.

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