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Mideer Toys

Mideer, a distinguished Chinese toy brand, is celebrated globally for its high-quality and innovative products. At the heart of Mideer’s philosophy lies the belief that play is a powerful tool for learning and development. With a mantra of “Discover, fun, art,” they strive to ignite children’s imaginations, offering enjoyable games while nurturing their passion and aesthetic judgment.

With a strong educational focus, Mideer’s toys seamlessly integrate subjects like math, science, language, and fine motor skills into enjoyable learning experiences. With a wide range of products, including puzzles, games, arts and crafts, Mideer aims to inspire children’s creativity and intellectual growth with vibrant designs and engaging experiences.

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Mideer places great importance on the impact toys have beyond mere playthings. They believe toys should enrich a child’s world with values like art, love, and bravery, fostering qualities such as innocence, imagination, and resilience. Mideer takes this responsibility seriously.

Their approach is innovative, blending art, diverse cultures, and education to develop toys that enhance children’s aesthetic senses, nurture imagination, and stimulate various intelligences. This meets the increasing demand for high-quality, visually appealing, and educational toys. Mideer leads the industry in merging art with innovation.

Behind Mideer’s success are multicultural teams crafting toys that cater to children’s psychological development, promoting beauty appreciation, intelligence, and creativity. Guided by the principles of Discovery, Fun, and Art, Mideer encourages children to explore, enjoy, and appreciate beauty, laying the foundation for a fulfilling adulthood.


Established in 2016 in Ningbo, China, Mideer set out with a clear mission: to revolutionize the toy industry. With a focus on creativity and education, the brand quickly gained traction, expanding its product range and global presence.

Driven by a commitment to innovation and quality, Mideer swiftly rose to prominence in the global toy market. Today, the brand continues to lead the way in toy design, inspiring children worldwide to explore, imagine, and learn through play.

Product Range

Mideer has established collaborative relationships with nearly 100 international artists, showcasing a diverse lineup of talents that includes Eric Carle, Tatsuya Miyanishi, Alison Jay, Marion Arbona, and Philip Giordano. This emphasis on artistic collaboration has enriched Mideer’s product offerings, which span a wide array of categories to cater to various age groups and developmental stages.

From immersive scenario-based toys, to educational learning tools and music enlightenment kits, Mideer’s extensive product are crafted to  inspire children worldwide to learn, explore, and create.

 From the very young to the young at heart, Mideer offers something for everyone. Their lineup includes:

  • Puzzles: Mideer’s puzzles come in various themes and difficulty levels, providing hours of entertainment and cognitive stimulation for children and adults alike.
  • Educational toys: Mideer’s educational toys are designed to make learning fun and engaging, covering subjects such as math, science, language, and more.
  • Arts and crafts kits: encouraging creativity and self-expression, Mideer’s arts and crafts kits include everything from painting sets to DIY jewelry making.
  • Building blocks: perfect for developing fine motor skills and spatial awareness, Mideer’s building blocks offer endless possibilities for construction and imaginative play.
  • Role-play toys: from play kitchens to doctor sets, Mideer’s role-play toys allow children to explore different roles and scenarios, promoting social skills and creativity.
  • Outdoor gear: Mideer’s outdoor toys are designed to encourage active play and exploration, from flying kites to building sandcastles.
  • Board games: whether it’s classic games like chess and checkers or modern favorites like strategy games and card games

Quality & Sustainability

Mideer is recognized for its commitment to quality and sustainability in toy manufacturing. Introducing the innovative “Level Up” puzzle series in 2017, Mideer prioritizes environmentally friendly materials and safe ingredients. Their puzzles are crafted from thickened paperboard free from harsh chemicals, utilizing food-grade paper and non-toxic soy-based inks. This ensures children can enjoy safe and repeated educational play without any risk of harm. Mideer’s emphasis on eco-friendly materials promotes sustainability while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Global Presence & Brand Recognition

Mideer’s global reach extends from Europe to Asia and its native China, where it has earned widespread recognition from consumers and industry leaders alike.

In Europe, Mideer has partnered with renowned toy retailers and secured space in prestigious locations such as Nature & Découvertes and Culturea in France.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Mideer strategically positions itself in luxury department stores, showcasing its premium offerings to discerning shoppers. Similarly, in China, Mideer’s presence in flagship stores and high-end platforms underscores its status as a leading player in the market. With its puzzle series hailed as a masterpiece of artistry in the toy world, Mideer continues to receive recognition for its contributions to children’s development and creativity.

With over 30 international awards under its belt, Mideer’s brand and products have consistently garnered acclaim for their quality, innovation, and contribution to children’s development worldwide.


What Age Groups Are Mideer Toys Suitable For?

Mideer offers toys suitable for a wide range of age groups, from infants to older children. Each product typically specifies the recommended age range on its packaging or product description.

Do Mideer Toys Come With Any Educational Benefits?

Yes, many Mideer toys are designed with educational objectives in mind. They often incorporate elements that promote cognitive development, problem-solving skills, creativity, and more.

Are Mideer Toys Safe For Children?

Yes, Mideer toys are designed with safety as a top priority. They are made from high-quality, non-toxic materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet safety standards.

Are Mideer Toys Tested For Compliance With Safety Standards?

Yes, Mideer toys undergo thorough testing to ensure they meet safety standards and regulations in the regions where they are sold. This includes testing for choking hazards, chemical safety, and more.

Are Mideer Toys Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, Mideer is committed to sustainability and uses eco-friendly materials in the production of their toys. They prioritize the use of non-toxic and sustainable materials wherever possible.

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