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Learning Resources®

Learning Resources®, renowned for its dedication to fostering children’s cognitive development, offers a comprehensive selection of hands-on and interactive resources.

As a leading global manufacturer of innovative educational products, Learning Resources® has earned the confidence of educators and parents alike. Its extensive range of over 1100 high-quality products caters to children and their families across preschool, nursery school, and primary school markets.

From foundational concepts like ABCs and 123s to the exciting realms of screen-free coding and STEM, Learning Resources® ensures that learning is enjoyable at every stage and skill level.

Since 1984, Learning Resources® has been a trusted name among parents and teachers, where play and learning intersect. Their acclaimed educational toys not only ignite children’s passion for learning but also cultivate vital school-ready skills.

At the heart of Learning Resources® toys lies a focus on interactive and tactile learning experiences. Many of their products incorporate manipulatives, puzzles, and hands-on elements, fostering active participation and exploration.

The brand’s commitment to educational standards shines through, with numerous products aligning closely with curriculum guidelines and standards set by educators and educational organizations.


Learning Resources ® was founded in 1984 with a vision to create toys that made learning fun and accessible for children of all ages and abilities.

Initially, Learning Resources ® focused on developing and selling educational materials primarily for classroom use, catering to teachers and educators. However, as the demand for their products grew, the company expanded its reach to include parents and caregivers who were seeking educational toys for their children at home.

Throughout its history, Learning Resources® has remained committed to its mission of providing innovative, engaging, and effective learning tools. The company has continually evolved its product line to incorporate new technologies and teaching methods while staying true to its core principles of hands-on learning and educational value.

Today, Learning Resources® continues to develop and manufacture a wide range of educational toys, games, and activities, serving children and educators worldwide in over 80 countries. With a focus on quality, innovation, and educational effectiveness, the company remains dedicated to helping children learn and grow through play.

    Product Range

    Learning Resources® offers a diverse range of educational toys, games, and activities designed to engage children in various learning experiences. Here’s an overview of some of the categories within their product range:

    • STEM Toys: Learning Resources® offers a wide selection of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) toys that encourage hands-on exploration and problem-solving. These toys often involve building, experimenting, and discovering scientific concepts.
    • Literacy and language development: the brand provides toys and activities that promote literacy and language development, including alphabet games, phonics activities, and storytelling sets.
    • Math manipulatives: Learning Resources® offers math manipulatives such as counting cubes, pattern blocks, and fraction towers to help children learn mathematical concepts through hands-on exploration and play.
    • Fine motor skills development: products aimed at developing fine motor skills include threading toys, lacing cards, and building sets that require precise hand movements and coordination.
    • Pretend play and role-playing sets: Learning Resources® offers pretend play sets that allow children to engage in imaginative play while learning about different roles and scenarios. These sets often include play food, animal figurines, and career-themed props.
    • Coding and technology: the brand provides coding toys and activities that introduce children to basic programming concepts in a fun and accessible way. These toys often involve coding robots, puzzles, and games.
    • Classroom supplies: Learning Resources ®offers a range of classroom supplies designed for educators, including pocket charts, timers, and behaviour management tools.
    • Sensory exploration: products focused on sensory exploration include sensory bins, sand and water tables, and texture mats that engage children’s senses while promoting exploration and discovery.
    • Social and emotional learning: Learning Resources® offers toys and activities that support social and emotional learning, including emotion dolls, conversation cards, and cooperative games that teach empathy, communication, and conflict resolution skills.

    Some popular products from Learning Resources® include:


    • Counting Bears: these colourful bear manipulatives are used to teach counting, sorting, and basic math concepts.
    • GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope: a kid-friendly microscope designed to introduce young children to the wonders of science and exploration.
    • Coding Critters: these interactive coding toys combine storytelling with coding fundamentals to teach children basic programming concepts in a fun and accessible way.
    • Alphabet Island Game: a board game that helps children learn letters and letter sounds while navigating through an island-themed adventure.
    • STEM Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set: this set introduces children to the basics of coding and programming through hands-on activities with a robot mouse.

    Quality & Sustainability

    Learning Resources® has always prioritized sustainability across every stage of its product life cycle, from conception and design to development, production, packaging, and shipping. Embracing the Eco-Lasting Play trend, the company is equally devoted to crafting classic, enduring, and sturdy toys that offer timeless play experiences spanning generations.

    The company’s new product line underscores sustainability at its core, with each set meticulously fashioned from recycled plastic, all while upholding the brand’s hallmark of premium quality and enduring resilience.

    “This innovative line of toys not only underscores our commitment to reducing Learning Resources® environmental impact but also underscores our dedication to crafting enduring and timeless toys that encourage lasting play across generations,” remarked Jon Horn, vice president of brand management at Learning Resources®. “This product line represents a significant milestone for us, as sustainability has been ingrained in our brand ethos for the past four decades and will continue to be a top priority in the years ahead.”


    Awards & Recognition

    Learning Resources® has won numerous awards and accolades for its educational toys and learning materials. Some of the notable awards and recognitions include:

    Parents’ Choice Awards

    Many Learning Resources® products have received Parents’ Choice Awards, which recognize the best products for children based on educational value, quality, and innovation.

    Teachers’ Choice Awards

    Learning Resources® has been honoured with multiple Teachers’ Choice Awards, which are bestowed by teachers themselves to recognize products that enhance learning in the classroom.

    Dr. Toy Awards

    Several Learning Resources® products have been named winners or finalists of Dr. Toy Awards, which highlight the best toys and educational products as selected by Dr. Toy, a leading authority on child development and play.

    Mom’s Choice Awards

    Learning Resources® has received Mom’s Choice Awards for products that meet the highest standards of excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services.

    Toy Industry Association Toy Of The Year Awards

    Learning Resources® has been nominated for and received awards in various categories at the Toy of the Year Awards, which are presented by the Toy Industry Association to recognize outstanding toys and games.


    What Sets Learning Resources® Toys Apart From Other Brands?

    Learning Resources ®toys distinguish themselves through their emphasis on interactive and tactile learning experiences. Many of the products feature manipulatives, puzzles, and hands-on elements, fostering active participation and exploration.

    Are Learning Resources® Toys Aligned With Educational Standards?

    Yes, the brand prioritizes adherence to educational standards. Many of the products closely align with curriculum guidelines and standards established by educators and educational organizations, ensuring they deliver valuable learning experiences.

    How Does Learning Resources® Prioritize Sustainability In Its Products?

    Sustainability is integral to the brand’s ethos. Learning Resources® incorporates sustainability into every phase of the product life cycle, from conceptualization and design to development, production, packaging, and shipping. The new product line, crafted from recycled plastic, underscores the commitment to reducing the environmental footprint.

    Are Learning Resources® Toys Suitable For Children Of All Ages?

    Yes, the brand offers a diverse range of toys and educational products tailored to children of various ages and developmental stages, from preschoolers to elementary school students. The extensive product range ensures there’s something to cater to every child’s learning needs.

    What Types Of Skills Do Learning Resources® Toys Help Develop In Children?

    Learning Resources® toys are crafted to nurture a wide array of skills, encompassing cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making, as well as motor skills, social skills, and emotional intelligence.

    Are Learning Resources® Toys Suitable For Children With Special Needs Or Different Learning Abilities?

    Yes, Learning Resources® toys are designed to be inclusive and cater to children with a variety of learning needs and abilities. The brand offers a range of products that can be adapted or modified to accommodate different learning styles and support diverse learners.

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