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Invicta Education

Invicta Education is dedicated to improving learning outcomes with their carefully crafted products.  With a strong emphasis on hands-on learning, their tools are tailored to help young children understand complex concepts effectively.

With over 200 innovative educational resources in their range, covering Mathematics, Science, and Environmental Science, Invicta Education supports teachers and parents in providing essential learning tools for children. Their reputation for quality ensures that these resources empower children to succeed on their educational journeys.

At the heart of Invicta Education’s philosophy is the belief that active learning leads to better comprehension. Their tools are carefully crafted to encourage exploration and experimentation, allowing children to discover and internalize key ideas in subjects like Mathematics, Science, and Environmental Science.

Teachers and parents alike trust Invicta Education’s products for their quality and effectiveness. By providing children with the tools they need to succeed, Invicta Education empowers them to become confident learners, ready to tackle any challenge they encounter on their educational journey.


Ted Jones-Fenleigh, a pioneering figure in the  in the plastics industry, established Invicta Education in the 1940s in the UK. His mission was clear from the very beginning: to create toys that brought joy to children while also fostering their intellectual development. This dedication to blending fun with education set Invicta Education apart as an innovator in the industry.

Jones-Fenleigh was naturally gifted in innovation and design, leveraging his background in plastics to craft durable and engaging educational toys. One of his key contributions to the educational toy industry was the introduction of the Litre Set.  This innovative product revolutionized the way children learned about measurement and volume, offering a tangible approach that made abstract concepts more accessible and exciting. The Litre Set soon became a household name, gracing classrooms worldwide and becoming an essential tool in shaping children’s foundations in math and science.

In addition to the Litre Set, Jones-Fenleigh introduced several other iconic products under the Invicta Education brand. The Attribute Shapes offered a hands-on approach to mastering logic and problem-solving, while the Number Ruler proved indispensable in teaching arithmetic and numerical comprehension.

Invicta Education’s continual success over the decades has been driven by its belief in the power of play to foster intellectual growth and curiosity. By combining fun and learning, the brand continues to make education more accessible and engaging for young minds.

Product Range

Invicta Education’s product line fosters an interdisciplinary approach to early education, guiding children from familiar concepts to exciting new learning opportunities. These integrated activities are crafted to instill a broad and deep understanding across various subjects, nurturing continuous growth and achievement in learning.

Designed to meet the benchmarks of the UK National Curriculum, Invicta Education’s resources are also tailored to suit the specific needs of educational systems worldwide. For instance, they encourage students to observe, identify, investigate, collect, record, organize, and analyze information independently, empowering them to take charge of their learning journey.

Here are a few highlights from their range:

Early Years

Invicta Education’s early years resources are specially designed to support young children’s cognitive and developmental needs. Their products include interactive games, storybooks, and sensory activities that promote language development, fine motor skills, and social-emotional growth. With a focus on playful learning experiences, these resources lay the foundation for future academic success and lifelong learning.


Invicta Education’s math resources are designed to make learning numbers, shapes, and mathematical concepts enjoyable and accessible for children. Their product range includes interactive manipulatives like counting bears, geometric shapes, and fraction sets, which provide hands-on experiences to reinforce mathematical understanding. Additionally, tools such as number lines, measuring instruments, and math games help children develop essential arithmetic skills and problem-solving abilities in a fun and engaging way.


Invicta Education offers a wide variety of science resources to spark children’s curiosity and exploration of the natural world. Their science experiment kits cover topics ranging from basic physics and chemistry to biology and environmental science. Through hands-on experiments and activities, children learn to observe, investigate, and understand scientific principles in action, fostering a love for inquiry-based learning.

Quality & Sustainability

Invicta Education is proud to partner with top manufacturers and suppliers worldwide to ensure its educational toys meet the highest standards of quality. One of the key benefits of sourcing internationally is the access to a diverse range of materials and resources not always available locally. By collaborating with suppliers from different countries, Invicta Education gains access to specialized expertise and innovative techniques that enhance the quality and effectiveness of their toys.

Invicta Education also places a strong emphasis on ethical sourcing practices. They are dedicated to maintaining fair labor standards, promoting environmental sustainability, and adhering to responsible production practices across its supply chain. By prioritizing ethical sourcing, Invicta Education offers parents and educators the assurance that the educational toys they buy reflect their values and principles.

Global Presence & Brand Recognition

Invicta Education had established a notable global presence and earned recognition for its commitment to providing high-quality educational resources.  Their reach extends beyond the UK, with their educational resources being distributed and used in educational institutions worldwide.


What Types Of Educational Resources Does Invicta Education Offer?

Invicta Education offers a diverse range of educational resources covering various subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Literacy, Arts, and more. Their product range includes interactive manipulatives, experiment kits, storybooks, art supplies, and classroom aids designed to engage children in hands-on learning experiences.

Are Invicta Education’s Products Suitable For Different Age Groups?

Yes, Invicta Education’s products are designed to cater to different age groups and developmental stages. They offer resources for early years education, primary school, and beyond, with age-appropriate materials and activities tailored to support children’s learning at each stage of their educational journey.

Are Invicta Education’s Products Aligned With Educational Standards?

Absolutely. Invicta Education’s products are meticulously crafted to align with educational standards such as the UK National Curriculum and other international curriculum frameworks. They are developed in consultation with educators and subject matter experts to ensure relevance and effectiveness in supporting learning outcomes.

What Sets Invicta Education Apart From Other Educational Resource Providers?

Invicta Education distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and ethical sourcing practices. Their products are renowned for their durability, effectiveness, and ability to inspire a love for learning. Additionally, their dedication to ethical sourcing ensures that their products uphold fair labor standards and environmental sustainability.

Are Invicta Education’s Products Backed By Educational Research?

Yes, Invicta Education’s products are informed by educational research and best practices. They collaborate with educators, researchers, and educational institutions to develop resources that are evidence-based and pedagogically sound. This ensures that their products are not only engaging but also effective in supporting children’s learning and development.

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