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The construction kits from fischertechnik have been igniting the imaginations of children, students, teachers, and engineers since 1965! With their motto “Understanding technology through play,” these building-block sets offer a playful yet educational approach to imparting basic technical understanding. They have become a global standard for educational toys, providing children of all ages with a foundation in technology while enhancing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, spatial awareness, logical thinking, and creativity.

Even engineers have used some of fischertechnik’s early products to simulate industrial robotics and build models of computer-controlled production plants, showcasing the versatility and precision of these innovative construction kits!

fischertechnik’s success can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and versatility. By continuously expanding its product line with new components, models, and educational materials, the brand has remained relevant and engaging for users of all ages.

Since its inception in 1965, fischertechnik has brought joy to children and adults alike with its toys. The widespread acceptance among children, parents, teachers, trainers, and engineers highlights fischertechnik’s value as both an educational toy and an effective teaching tool in various settings, including schools, universities, and training companies.

The “Made in Germany” construction kits from Fischertechnik take a playful approach to teaching basic technical concepts. With plastic components, gears, motors, and other elements, users can build a wide variety of models. Fischer’s vision was to create a versatile and educational toy that could ignite creativity while imparting principles of engineering and mechanics.

History Behind Fischertechnik

    Artur Fischer, a prolific German inventor and entrepreneur, left an indelible mark on the world of fastening technology. Fischer’s inventive journey began at a young age, driven by his fascination with tinkering and problem-solving. This passion propelled him to establish one of the most successful fastening technology companies globally.  Fischer’s most notable invention, the nylon wall plug, revolutionized construction and DIY projects worldwide by securely fastening lightweight objects to masonry and drywall. His inventive prowess extended far beyond fasteners, accumulating over 1,100 patents throughout his career. Among his innovations are the synchronized camera flash, synchronized photoelectric cell, and the world’s smallest outboard motor.

    In 1948, Fischer founded Fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG in Waldachtal, Germany, to manufacture and distribute his inventions.

    Fast forward to 1964, Fischer’s company had a unique idea for Christmas gifts. They created novelty kits for engineers and industrial clients, showcasing their innovative fastening solutions in a playful manner.

    The overwhelming popularity of these Christmas gifts sparked a significant development the following year. In 1965, Fischerwerke officially launched the first retail building set under the name Fischertechnik. This marked the birth of the Fischertechnik brand, born from the excitement and enthusiasm generated by the novelty kits.

    Today, Fischertechnik continues to inspire young minds, promoting pre-engineering courses for middle and high-school students. With its realistic components and educational value, Fischertechnik remains a hallmark of innovative educational toys.

    Product Range

    fischertechnik’s product range is designed to cater to a wide range of interests and learning objectives, from basic building and exploration to advanced robotics and STEM education. The versatility and adaptability of fischertechnik sets make them suitable for users of all ages, from young children to adults, fostering creativity, innovation, and lifelong learning.

    Basic Sets

    These sets are designed for beginners and younger users, providing an introduction to fischertechnik’s building system. Basic sets typically include a variety of building blocks, connectors, and basic components for building simple structures and models.

    Advanced Sets

    Advanced sets are geared towards more experienced builders and enthusiasts. They feature a wider range of components, including motors, gears, sensors, and programmable controllers, allowing users to create more complex models with moving parts, automation, and interactivity.

    Robotics Sets

    Robotics sets focus specifically on building and programming robots. They include specialized components such as robotic arms, grippers, sensors, and microcontrollers, along with software for programming and controlling the robots’ behavior.

    STEM Education Sets

    These sets are designed for use in educational settings, such as schools and classrooms. They are aligned with curriculum standards and include lesson plans and teaching resources to support STEM learning objectives. STEM education sets cover topics such as mechanics, physics, electronics, and robotics.

    Specialty Sets

    fischertechnik also offers specialty sets focused on specific themes or applications, such as renewable energy, pneumatics, hydraulics, and mechatronics. These sets provide hands-on experience with specialized technologies and concepts.

    Accessories & Spare Parts

    fischertechnik offers a variety of accessories and spare parts to complement its construction sets, including additional building components, power supplies, cables, and tools.


    fischertechnik provides software tools for programming and controlling models, as well as simulation software for testing and experimenting with designs virtually.

    All Fischertechnik construction kits are compatible. Comprehensive, easy-to-understand assembly instructions are included in every construction set.

    Quality & Sustainability

    fischertechnik, an educational toy “Made in Germany,” is developed and manufactured exclusively at the Waldachtal location in the Black Forest. The vast majority of its components are sourced locally, with minimal imports from outside the European Union. The “Made in Germany” seal serves as a hallmark of exceptional quality, reflecting fischertechnik’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

    Customers worldwide rely on the innovative products from fischertechnik for their construction needs. Guided by its corporate philosophy, fischertechnik strives to inspire clients with products distinguished by quality, performance, technical progress, user-friendliness, and maximum benefits. Through market-oriented product development and continuous improvements across all facets of its operations, fischertechnik has earned a reputation as a dependable manufacturer and global partner.

    Sustainability is a fundamental principle at fischertechnik, encompassing environmental protection, technological innovation, economic success, and social responsibility. The company views these elements as integral to its ongoing learning process, shaping its approach to living, working, and managing operations in harmony with nature. By utilizing eco-friendly materials, implementing energy-efficient manufacturing processes, and supporting initiatives for social well-being and community development, fischertechnik actively contributes to a sustainable future.

    Awards & Endorsements

    fischertechnik has garnered widespread acclaim and recognition for its commitment to excellence and innovation in educational toys. Over the years, the brand has been honored with numerous awards and endorsements from prestigious organizations and industry experts.

    Among its notable awards are the Toy Award in 2022, the Green Energy Award in Category “Play and Technology in 2021, the Golden Rock Horse in 2019, and the Dr. Toys Best Award from the USA honors products in 2014, amongst many others.


    What Age Group Is fischertechnik Suitable For?

    fischertechnik construction sets cater to a wide range of age groups, from young children as early as 5 years old to experienced builders and enthusiasts of all ages. With sets designed specifically for different skill levels, there’s something for everyone.

    Are fischertechnik Sets Only For Educational Purposes, Or Can They Also Be Used For Play?

    While fischertechnik sets are primarily designed for educational purposes, they also offer plenty of opportunities for play and creativity. The hands-on nature of building with fischertechnik encourages imaginative exploration and problem-solving skills.

    Can fischertechnik Sets Be Used In Schools And Educational Institutions?

    Absolutely! fischertechnik sets are widely used in schools, educational institutions, and STEM programs around the world. They provide an engaging and effective way to teach concepts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as fostering skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and innovation.

    Are fischertechnik Sets Compatible With Other Building Block Systems?

    While fischertechnik sets are designed to work seamlessly with other fischertechnik components, they may not be fully compatible with other building block systems due to differences in design and functionality. However, fischertechnik sets offer a wide range of components and building possibilities on their own.

    Are fischertechnik Sets Suitable For Solo Play Or Group Activities?

    fischertechnik sets can be enjoyed both solo and in group settings. While building alone allows for individual exploration and problem-solving, building with others encourages collaboration, communication, and teamwork.

    What Makes fischertechnik Sets Unique Compared To Other Construction Toys?

    fischertechnik sets stand out for their emphasis on realistic construction and engineering principles. With a wide range of components, including gears, motors, and sensors, fischertechnik sets offer unparalleled opportunities for hands-on learning and experimentation.

    Can fischertechnik Sets Be Used For Educational Purposes Outside Of STEM Subjects?

    Yes! While fischertechnik sets are commonly used to teach STEM concepts, they can also be integrated into other educational areas such as art, design, and even history. The versatility of fischertechnik sets allows for cross-curricular exploration and creativity.

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