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Classic World

Classic World is a beloved toy brand that champions the power of play for learning and development. They craft high-quality wooden toys with a focus on educational value.

The philosophy of “Happy Playing, Happy Learning” is evident in every product they offer. From pretend play sets and balance bikes to nursery tables, musical instruments, and dress-up costumes, Classic World ensures that every toy is packed with fun and learning opportunities.

Classic World remains a trusted name among parents and educators, celebrated for its dedication to crafting toys that are both enjoyable and essential for children’s growth and development.

Classic World’s mission is to provide toys that inspire creativity, develop essential skills, and promote imaginative play. They strive to create products that not only entertain but also contribute to a child’s educational journey, ensuring that playtime is both fun and enriching.


In 1998, after years of working for a leading German toy company, Sofiyia Xiao founded Classic World with the vision of creating better, higher-quality toys for children worldwide.

By 2003, Classic World expanded its operations to ensure strong production and inventory capacity. To stay at the forefront of wooden toy design, Classic World established a design studio in France and collaborates with an international design team from the USA. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation has solidified its position as a leader in the wooden toy industry.

As the current CEO, Sofiyia remains true to her vision, continuously expanding the product line and inspiring children and families around the globe.

Product Range

Classic World is dedicated to providing children with toys that cater to their natural growth and developmental needs. To achieve this, they focus on designing toys that support every stage of a child’s development, including:

  • Creativity and aesthetics: encouraging artistic expression and an appreciation for beauty.
  • Social-emotional skills: helping children develop empathy, cooperation, and emotional intelligence.
  • Fine motor skills: enhancing hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
  • Gross motor skills: promoting physical activity and overall body movement.
  • Language development: fostering communication skills and vocabulary growth.
  • Intellectual development: stimulating cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills.

All of Classic World’s products are created with these developmental goals in mind. Their design team consists of designers, teachers, early childhood development counselors, and other experts who deeply understand a child’s needs.

Classic World’s diverse product range includes:

Quality & Sustainability

Classic World’s commitment to children goes beyond making great toys, it shapes their entire approach to business.

Every product undergoes a meticulous process, including sketching, modeling, coloring, proofing, testing, and modification, before reaching final production.

As a company that specializes in wooden toys, Classic World primarily uses sustainable materials sourced from nature. They are dedicated to environmentally safe production processes, striving to provide a clean and safe world for children to grow up in.

They also emphasize the durability and longevity of their toys, ensuring they can withstand rigorous play.

Lastly, Classic World has its own test lab for physical testing in the factory, providing test reports that meet international standards such as EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, and ISO8124. Their manufacturing process has received top certifications, including ICTI, BSCI, ISO9001, FSC, and Disney FAMA, highlighting their commitment to quality and safety.

Global Presence & Brand Recognition

Classic World boasts a robust presence in diverse international markets, with their products gracing shelves in numerous countries across Europe, North America, and Asia. You can often spot their toys in specialty toy stores, educational supply outlets, and popular online marketplaces.

Renowned for their innovative and educational toy designs, Classic World has garnered multiple awards, underscoring their dedication to excellence and creativity. Notably, Zhuazhou of Classic World toys won the Innovative Design Award at the 2022 CBME, further solidifying their reputation for pushing boundaries in toy innovation.


What Makes Classic World Toys Special?

Classic World toys are renowned for their high quality, innovative designs, and educational value. Each toy is carefully crafted to support children’s development and provide engaging play experiences.

Are Classic World Toys Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, Classic World is committed to sustainability. They primarily use sustainable materials sourced from nature and practice environmentally safe production processes to create toys that are safe for children and the planet.

What Age Group Are Classic World Toys Suitable For?

Classic World offers toys for a wide range of age groups, from babies to older children. Their product range includes options for every stage of a child’s development, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Has Classic World Received Any Awards For Their Toys?

Yes, Classic World has received several awards for their innovative and educational toy designs. Notably, Zhuazhou of Classic World toys won the Innovative Design Award at the 2022 CBME, showcasing their commitment to quality and creativity.

Are Classic World Toys Durable?

Yes, durability is a priority for Classic World. They emphasize the longevity of their toys, ensuring they can withstand rigorous play and provide lasting enjoyment for children.

Are Classic World Toys Tested For Safety?

Absolutely. Classic World has its own test lab for physical testing in the factory. They provide test reports that meet international safety standards, including EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, and ISO8124, ensuring their toys are safe for children to play with.

Are Classic World Toys Educational?

Classic World toys are carefully crafted to be both educational and stimulating, enriching a child’s development while fostering fun and creativity. Expert designers ensure that each toy offers the highest educational value possible, providing enriching learning experiences through play.

Where Are Classic World Toys Manufactured?

Classic World’s wooden toys are proudly manufactured in China, utilizing wood from sustainable and healthy forests. Sustainability is a priority in the manufacturing process, ensuring that the toys are not only high-quality but also environmentally friendly.

What Type Of Paint Is Used For Classic World Toys?

Classic World prioritizes safety in its toys. Only certified and safe paint is used in the manufacturing process, guaranteeing that the toys are free from harmful chemicals. Parents can trust that Classic World toys meet stringent safety standards, providing peace of mind for their children’s playtime.

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