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Looking for a baby dolls for your child or as a gift for a friend’s child? If you are feeling overwhelmed by the types (and prices) of baby dolls available today, it might help to consider what you should look for in baby dolls.

The most expensive dolls are not necessarily the best baby dolls. Rather, the best baby dolls are age-appropriate toys that will keep the child engaged. Choose:

• Baby dolls that are the most attractive to the child
• Baby dolls that will be the most fun to play
• Baby dolls the child is most likely to benefit from.
• Lightweight baby dolls that are easy for small children to carry
• Baby dolls that are easy for parents and caregivers to keep clean
• Real-looking baby dolls that will help to teach your toddlers essential life skills.

Authentic-looking Baby Dolls

• Dolls that really look like real babies!
• Baby dolls that come with baby accessories – such as a pacifier, baby blanket, clothing and prams/walkers or pushcarts.

Baby Dolls with Interactive Features

• Baby dolls that can blink their eyes or talk back, cry and even wet their nappies
• Dolls that have partially attached parts that can be moved.
• Dolls with weighted bottoms so they can be positioned to sit upright.

Safe Baby Dolls

• Safe baby dolls made from non-toxic materials such as silicone
• Baby dolls should have no small parts that can be pulled off entirely (and possibly swallowed.)
• Dolls that will not collect mold or bacteria in hard-to-clean places.
• Machine-washable dolls.

Benefits of the Best Baby Dolls:

Dolls have never gone out of fashion as toys. Once considered ‘gendered’ toys, baby dolls have been discouraged in the past. However, baby dolls no longer have this stigma. Any toddler, boy or girl, can benefit from playing with baby dolls. Especially the ones that look like real babies!

➢ Authentic-looking baby dolls can help teach young children nurturing skills.
Children like to emulate their parents. A baby doll is a great way for a toddler with a baby brother or sister to emulate their parents’ parenting of the baby. A ‘baby of their own’ to care for can also go a long way to helping your toddler feel included
➢ Baby dolls with ‘nappies’ and outfits that can be put on and taken off promote dexterity and creativity.
➢ Baby dolls can be an essential source of comfort for young children when learning to sleep alone, in the dark, when traveling or when being babysat.

With these benefits in mind, it’s easy to know what to look for when looking for baby dolls. Safe, good quality real-looking baby dolls that are engaging, fun, easy to carry around, position, dress and undress, and clean, are the best kinds of baby dolls.